Monday Motivation: Introducing #ReimagineMonday

So how many of you that are reading this right now have ever thought to yourselves on a Monday,

“Damn, I wish it was the weekend again.”  

Or “I can't wait for it to be Friday.”

Or just #realtalk, “I hate Monday.”

Trust that I have definitely been there many times in my life, Queen. So you're not alone in the slightest.

But as I was crafting one of my weekly Monday motivation vlogs one day, I found myself having a clarity moment.

We are always wishing to go back to the weekend. We are always starting off our Monday's saying, “I need it to be!” We are always skipping through chunks of our lives because we've sold ourselves this very expensive idea that Monday through Friday are days that are not for us. We always say that Monday through Friday is about everyone else but ourselves; our employer, our classes, our work, our kids.
For many years, we have trapped ourselves into believing that the weekend is the only time that we can grant to ourselves. 2 days. Saturday and Sunday-- that’s it (and if you’re really “indulgent”, maybe you count the end of Friday, too).
And the even crazier thing is that some people don't even give themselves a full weekend (calling out myself real hard here).

And when I thought about it more deeply, I realized how can we ever become our best selves if we are confining the time to develop our potential into just 1-2 days out of a 7-day week?

How do we actualize, and create new and exciting realities that fulfill us when we limit ourselves to only 12-30 hours out of the 168 hours in a week?

Right now, many of us only give 7%-17% of our week to ourselves.

Yes, you read that right… 7%-17% out of 100%.

And for many of us, that time is used to recuperate from things like microaggressions, work/life stress, lack of sleep, and/or other mentally draining activities we experience throughout the week.

By the time we properly self-care, and get into a better head space that could be used to develop our potential, it's already time for Monday again, and we begin this sad cycle of longing for the weekend.

When we think about Maslow's hierarchy of needs…

We spend so much of the little time, and energy that we have allocated ourselves on the weekends toward dealing with our physical, security, social, and esteem needs, that there is no time left for us to think about striving towards the things that would fulfill us. We have no time to invest towards the things that will help us live our best life.

But my goal for you, as you start this week and continue transitioning into an unapologetically fierce Queen is that you dare to break this “Monday No-fun-day” mentality.

My goal for you is that you stop living in the past, and skipping towards the future. As I mentioned before, this is an expensive mindset to have. And it is expensive because time is the most valuable currency we have, and unlike money, if we don't spend it optimally, we will never get it back.

My goal for you this Monday, and every Monday going forward is that you dare to reimagine your Monday. I want you to walk towards every Monday, with your head held unapologetically high, and your heart filled with nothing but love, peace, and unapologetic fierceness. Mondays are no longer being used to live in our past. Mondays (and eventually every other day in our week) are now about learning how to optimize our time, and fully live in our present.

Don't just wait until the weekend to work on being your best self. Take back more time during your week for you. Take a dance class that starts right after work so you have to leave the office. Take hikes/walks with friends in the morning sometimes so that you don't have to start your day thinking about work/life commitments. Take a few lunches during the week for yourself, and bring a book that you love to read.

Spend the necessary time that you have to spend to fulfill important life obligations (like your 9-5 job or getting your kids to school), but after that’s all said and done, don't ever give away your time to anyone or anything that doesn't fulfill you or add value to your life in some way.

Don't be afraid to #ReimagineMonday!

yes queen