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Daysha Veronica (also known as Daysha Veronica Edewi) is a passionate creative and visionary who has been very lucky to achieve many great things in her life thus far. She is an award-winning playwright and content creator, a viral video producing powerhouse, a viral spoken word artist (who has one poem video with over 1 million shares on Facebook), and she is now the creator behind Yes Queen, a self-confidence building blog, and website for women.

As someone who suffered from a serious lack of self-confidence for many years, and who often saw that lack of self-confidence hinder her from obtaining many valuable opportunities, Daysha is now extremely passionate about helping other women, just like herself, discover what self-confidence looks like for them. Through Yes Queen, she hopes to take them along through her personal journey of developing what she calls “unapologetic fierceness,” and have them watch as she continues to learn how to fight for her worth, protect her energy, and passionately stand behind her choices.

Prior to creating Yes Queen, Daysha is most well known for being a viral video "powherhouse," both in front of and behind the camera, at BuzzFeed. At BuzzFeed, Daysha produced over a hundred well-known, viral short-form videos that focused on gender, race, identity, health/wellness/fitness and body positivity, and that collectively have generated over half a billion views globally in just 3.5 years. Her videos have been featured on Amazon Prime, Hulu, The Huffington Post, Bustle, and Refinery29, among other prominent media outlets, and she has been a featured guest speaker for CreativeLive, BLOGHER, Hubspot Academy, YTH Live, Project Ava, CSI West, USC's Below The Line, and more. She has also been a featured guest on various podcasts such as YR Media’s Adult ISH, Project Ava’s Unheard, and Power to The Hustle with Sara Grey, as well as co-hosting her own podcast, Real Talk Love Therapy.

Prior to BuzzFeed, she graduated cum laude from Scripps College with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Psychology, and is currently attending UCLA for an MFA in Playwriting. She has been the recipient of numerous awards (see below), and has most recently won a Voices Of The Year Award (VOTY) by BlogHer '18 Health.

Still from poem video "What I Wish Someone Told Me About Having Sex/ Safe Sex." 2015
On set for poem video, "Let It Out." 2015
  • Scripps College’s Payton Watkins ‘09 Media Studies Award (2014)

  • The Office of Black Student Affairs of the Claremont College’s Dr. Samella Lewis Artist Award (2014)

  • The Audience’s Choice Award at Wanawake Weusi’s Black Arts Festival (2014)

  • Official Selection at The International Black Women’s Film Festival (2014)

  • Dr. Floyd Gaffney National Award in Playwriting from UC San Diego (2014)

  • New York Screenplay Contest Grand Prize Winner for Stage Plays (2014)

  • Las Vegas Screenplay Contest Grand Prize Winner for Stage Plays (2015)

  • Finalist for Kentucky Women Writers Conference’s Prize for Women Writers (2015)

  • Official Finalist for Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest for Stage Plays (2015)

  • Stage Spirit: Dini Ostrov Award for Playwriting from UCLA (2019)

  • Judith and Milton R. Stark Scholarship for Playwriting from UCLA (2019)

In her spare time, she enjoys making money moves, writing, reminding people (especially women) how amazing and valuable they are, being a faux therapist to all her friends (she needs to start charging, for real for real), eating bomb-ass vegan food, reading about business, playing with her twin baby cousins, hiking, trying new fitness challenges, eating a matcha freeze from Pressed Juicery, reading the crazy stuff people ask on Quora, and dancing up a storm (Salsa, bachata, bellydance and more)!

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About Me: I am a pastry chef from North Carolina that currently lives in Los Angeles, and runs an online cookie business called Brown Sugar’s Cookies. I was the host for a show called Tasting Our Roots on BuzzFeed’s Tasty, and I am currently working on my travelling pop up dessert bar called TORCH. I am the social media manager and brand partnerships manager for Yes Queen and Daysha Veronica.

#QueenCrush: Beyoncé

Favorite TV Show: The Office

You Can Find Me…: On Instagram -- @pinchofbrownsugar

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About Me:  I spend most days attempting to build a community for Black folks in Madison, WI and working in corporate America. I help my bestie Daysha with the Yes Queen Twitter account.

#QueenCrush: Danai Gurira
Favorite TV Show: Stranger Things
You Can Find Me...:  On Instagram-- @dominiquejenee !



About Me: Hi! My name is Erika. I write the Unapologetically Fashionable posts on Yes Queen, and manage the Yes Queen Facebook page.

#QueenCrush(es): Now, because I’m a Gemini - which means I have 2 sides (sometimes more 😏), I have 2 queen crushes. The first one is Angela Rye, and the second one is Rihanna. Each of these women speaks to a part of my character, and they are phenomenal women in their own right.
Favorite TV Show: I don’t have a current favorite TV show, however, my all time favorite show is the Golden Girls. I own every season.
You Can Find Me...:  On Instagram-- @esa_armaine !



About Me:  I work in the healthcare tech industry, and work with teams to build healthcare mobile apps and digital solutions. In my spare time I like to dabble in UI/UX design, create artwork, and dance. I design graphics for the Yes Queen social media platforms.

#QueenCrush(es): Rihanna and Alicia Keys -- Out there, but always down to earth.
Favorite TV Show: I will pretty much binge on anything from Game Of Thrones to Dear White People.