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Patreon supporter thank yous

YAAASS QUEENS! As a huge thank you for subscribing to the Yes Queen Patreon membership, and taking advantage of all of the amazing, exclusive perks that Daysha has to offer, these super supporter Queens have earned a thank-you credit on the website as part of their membership.

Patreon is a membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service as well as ways for artists to build relationships, and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or "patrons."

By subscribing to the Yes Queen Patreon, your support means that we can continue innovating, cover basic fees for our website and domain, invest in swag, plan future get togethers, and keep delivering all of the unapologetic fierceness you know and love!


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Bailey M


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Yes Queen’s Day 1 Fan Loyalty Club

These email subscribers are very near and dear to Daysha's heart as they are the first 100 people to subscribe to the Yes Queen email list, and provide their emotional investment and support into Daysha's vision. She sends so much love and hugs to this special group of Queens, and can't wait to shower them with future perks and opportunities as Yes Queen expands.

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day 1 subscribers

Yohanna B Elsie G Samantha G Kendall T Azure L Shari W Lydia O Asuka S Adam F Victoria M Jessica L Emilie V Saleste L Jazmine R Lijah P Pia W Erin G Jana C Lindsay C Julissa T Elizabeth Z Shavette C Amorette A Blanca S Kelsey R Kamelah R Mckenzie H Megan T Senna H Paul A KD J Jonella V Andrea F Lauren D Karis F Ernie E Sky C Yezenia B Joirre G Allison D Duaa M Ebony C Lisanne B Stephanie R Natalia B Mona H Priscilla D Syrin K Tracy D Chenoa P Jessica B Kyle B Maisie M Taja D Lisa R Brittany M Amanda R Jenna T Cami B Nora B Abby N Briana W Paloma O Lara L Joy C Noelle C Deasia K Summer D Kaela F Bethany Z Diedra U Ana M M.K. V Jordan L Jade U Bridget B Morgan M Berato W Ashley C Selena V Claire O Iris G Sara D Maya S Mallory H Monica R Fernanda D Talor G Jennifer L Emese G Shay N Lauren S Erika A Sierra B Nicole G Shannique P Lauren M Jasmin P Marie A Kopano R Angela V Laverne A Lucie M

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What is the difference between Patreon and making a donation?

  • Patreon is a subscription service in which you will be charged on a monthly basis to receive exclusive perks and experiences from Yes Queen. Making a donation is a one time monetary transfer that does not come with any additional perks. You are also more than welcome to subscribe on Patreon for a limited time in order to take advantage of the additional perks.  

Can I submit to both?

  • Of course you can! Just keep in mind that you will be billed monthly for your Patreon subscription.