A Friendship Worth Sticking To...

So this is Jun Hee, my Asian brotha from another motha.

daysha veronica

We go waaaaaaay back to our high school days at Concord Academy.

daysha veronica

And fun fact, Jun Hee taught me how to drive when he was visiting me for a summer in college. I might have almost killed him a few times, but at least I can say he's a real ride-or-die.

So yesterday I had an interview at UCLA for becoming a potential playwriting MFA student. Jun Hee is currently at UCLA for directing, and wanted to hang out a bit before my interview to wish me good luck.

He ended up getting caught up at Whole Foods because this girl didn't understand that Whole Foods has this whole ass, complicated ass system when it comes to bagging and paying for the nuts. So I only got to see him for a brief minute before I went in.

An hour later, and feeling really good about my interview, I called Jun Hee to meet up. And when he shows up, he's holding a container with two little melted pieces of mochi.

So Jun Hee is Korean, and he was telling me that in Korean culture, right before you are about to do something that you really want, you should try to eat something sticky so that you metaphorically stick to it.

So he was hustling to get me the mochi before the interview, but alas homegirl at Whole Foods was not having it. But it was still one of the most beautiful gestures someone has done for me, and if there's anything I hope sticks throughout time it's our friendship.