So on the realness... we all know that women are some pretty amazing creatures.

yes queen

But the strength, courage, and bad-assery that it takes to become a mom…

To either birth or commit yourself to taking care of a helpless bundle of pee, poop, and boogers for the first 5 years…

And then a hyperactive, non-stop talking, nosy-ass, lunatic for the next 5 years…

And then a sassy, know-it-all, bullshit-talking, hormone-raging, angsty pre-teen/teen for the next 5 years…

And then a college tuition bank robber from 18-21 (hopefully)...

yes queen

I was literally at hand therapy a few days ago, and a woman was saying that it probably costs somewhere around $600k now just to get ONE kid from 0-18 years old.

Now that number may or may not be true, but regardless, we all know that you had to sacrifice a lot of time, money and energy to make us into the people we are today.

yes queen

You could have invested that time, money and energy into so many other things that didn't require destroying your vagina, or your bank account.

yes queen

But you chose to raise us.

That's some next level bad-assery, if you ask me (especially with the whole vagina destroying part).

Literally none of us are worthy of your patience, your love, your guidance, and your constant self-sacrifice to see us thrive.

And yet you STILL continue to sprinkle your Mom Queen Magic on us!

yes queen

This is a live feed of all blessings I've had to count over the years because even at 25, I still need your help on stuff.

So here's to you, Mom Queens!

Thank you for choosing not to say fuck all this shit, because lawd knows we all would not have been surprised if you had a long ass time ago, LOL.

yes queen