Boss Queen Vanessa Is Doing A 7-City Pop Up Dessert Bar And I'm Here For It

So this sistah queen over here is Vanessa.

daysha veronice

But if anyone watched our series, Tasting Our Roots, you’d know I, affectionately, call her my “lil’ jar of sweet tea” in the best southern accent she’s ever heard.

In addition to traveling the country, and trying food from some of the most talented and (sadly) underrepresented chefs around the table for Tasty

yes queen

We are also hella committed to seeing each other conquer our dreams in 2018 (and beyond cuz... duh).

Like the day that I can tweet that I’m pre-ordering my cookware set by Vanessa Parish is all I live for.

Now let me tell y’all, Nessa knows how to throw DOWN in the kitchen, but she really knows how to put her foot in it when it comes to sweets.

She has a cookie business that you can check out here, but be careful. These cookies are dangerously good.

But if you’re like me, and you really love getting fresh out the oven treats, and you happen to live in the Oakland area then... YAAASS QUEEN! I got the best news for you…

Vanessa is being one of the most bad ass boss queens I know, and challenged herself to do a seven-city pop up dessert bar called TORCH by Vanessa Parish.

And her first stop is in Oakland, at one of my favorite restaurants (honestly in the world right now... and I swear I'm not gassin it. This restaurant has like 3 Michelin recommendations because it's that good).