Colors & Curves: Mastering Cute and Comfy in Corduroy

For this week, I'm pulling out another favorite from my #CuteAndComfy collection... a Corduroy jumper!

daysha veronica

So in addition to being on team #BigGirlNation, I am also a happy member of team #CuteAndComfy. And to me, jumpers are such a key staple for anyone that wants be a part of team #CuteAndComfy. It's a one piece outfit, which I love because it keeps you from overthinking what you're going to wear. And you can always make it feel new and different by just modifying the accessories that you pair with it.  

daysha veronica

What I love about this jumper in particular is: (1) it’s corduroy, and who doesn’t enjoy corduroy anything? Corduroy is typically soft against your skin, and it can also add a fun, rigid, textural element to your outfit. (2) it’s a button up. So it can give you a ton of different styling options.

daysha veronica

I decided that since my corduroy jumper was navy blue, and dark colors can feel kinda plain when they are on their own, I would integrate a color into the mix to give my outfit a pop. Because I LOVE colors, I like to use a color wheel to see what colors are complementary to each other.

daysha veronica

Yellow seemed like a far enough away color from blue to help make the navy pop, so I went with that. I have found using a color wheel exceptionally helpful because it allows me to double check how well certain colors I was thinking of wearing would mesh together.

This is the kind of outfit that I would wear to the coffee shop, to the mall, and out to dinner with friends. And I love outfits like this because I am a teacher, so it allows me to be simple, cute, and comfortable while at work. And then if I wanted to dress it up for hanging out with friends, I could easily do a quick accessory swap.

So here's a summary of what I covered today...

1. Jumpers are an amazing closet staple for anyone who wants to be part of team #CuteAnd Comfy.

2. Using a color wheel is super helpful when you want to add a pop of color to your outfit, but you want to make sure your colors mesh well together.

3. Accessories are a great way to change the vibe of your jumper, so that it can feel fun and different each time you wear it.

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