Colors & Curves: How To Slay Sunglasses Season, And My 3 Favorite Cat Eye Sunglasses

So summer is right around the corner, and after this crazy winter here in Boston, I could definitely use some sunshine.

And with there being more sunshine in my day, it means one of my favorite accessory is coming out to play…

Sunglasses are a great way to accessorize an outfit, and show off a bit of your personality while protecting your eyes.

But did you know that not all sunglasses are created equal, and that there are a perfect pair out there waiting for your beautiful face to fill them out?!

Just like you would learn what are the right silhouettes for your body, sunglasses also work the same way. Each size, shape, and frame are crafted to accentuate a certain face shape. So let's figure out your face shape to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for you!

So, I want each of you Queens to go look in the mirror right now, and analyze your facial profile. Ask yourself: is my  face outlined like a heart, a square, an oval, or is it round?

This may seem silly, but it’s important. Your facial shape will help you identify which sunglasses are the best fit for you.

As you can see from my cute face … I have a round facial profile. So oversized or cat eye sunglasses work best for my face, and are my preference.

daysha veronica

So since I am a sunglasses junkie, I figured I'd share 3 of my favorite sunglasses that I can't wait to rock this summer that I feel: (1) accentuate my round face, chubby cheeks, and full lips, (2) showcase my fun loving nature, and (3) have me looking #UnapologeticallyFierce.

1. Two-tone Cat Eye Sunglasses

daysha veronica

I'm a gemini, so the two-tone sunglasses are a great way to show off my two sides.

2. Tortoise Shell Cat Eye Sunglasses

daysha veronica

These are my favorite sunglasses to wear as I'm out and about, shopping at my favorite flea markets, or grabbing a mango smoothie from H Mart (so damn yummy).

3. Coral Cat Eye Sunglasses

These are my favorite sunglasses to wear to work.

daysha veronica

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