Colors & Curves: Being Cute and Comfy On Vacation

For those of you that are new to the Yes Queen party, my name is Erika, and in addition to being a fierce lover of fashion, I'm also Daysha's actual big sistah auntie queen.

yes queen

I'm also a very loud and proud member of team #BigGirlNation.

And I'm so excited to be getting the opportunity to share my love of fashion with you all.

I have been out here hustling to break out into the plus-size modeling industry, but because I am shorter, and curvy in a different way, it has definitely been a STRUGGGGLE! Like girl, why does everybody in the plus-size fashion world think that all plus-size women are 8,000 feet tall, and an hour-glass shape?

So I try not to let the lack of representation get me down, but if you're a fellow big girl like me looking for some unapologetically fierce fashion inspiration from another type of plus-size body perspective, then I got chu, girl!

So for this week I'm talking all about my favorite vacation outfit staple...

A draped jumper!

yes queen

Last week, I was hanging down in good ol' NOLA playin' with the lil' baby gators…

But if you've ever been to NOLA, then you know it can get hotter than a mother down there

And I know I sure wasn't trying to be covered up in that heat! Nor was I trying to think too hard about what to wear in the mornings since I knew it was gonna be hot, and I was on vacation!

So when I'm on vacation, I'm all about the one and done mindset when it comes to getting dressed. I don't want to be searchin' all up and down my suitcase for a top and a bottom

So the draped jumper is amazing because I can just throw it on, but still keep a stylish vibe by adding fun accessories like my necklace and sunglasses.

The draped jumper is also amazing for us big girls because of how breathable and movable the fabric is. This jumper is from Fashion To Figure (FTF), which is now owned by New York & Company. FTF is another amazing plus-size fashion brand that you should take a peek at.

So that's all I got for this week's #FeelingMyself Friday, and I hope you're feeling just a lil' more unapologetically fashionable. And if not, don't worry-- this is only the beginning.

yes queen
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