Introducing... Colors & Curves with Erika!

Hi! My name is Erika, and I love fashion. As y'all can see I'm a big girl, and I'm proud AF about that. Where my fellow big girls at?!

Me just doing what queens do best... Owning the throne. #BossQueenAlert

Me just doing what queens do best... Owning the throne. #BossQueenAlert


And while the fashion world has definitely started to become more plus-size friendly...

The types of plus-size bodies we often see represented in the media does not fully reflect the size diversity you see in the plus-size community.

I've been hustling out here to be a plus-size model for a good minute, but because I am shorter, and curvy in a different way, it has definitely been a struggle for me.

Me at a model search in LA for Torrid in 2015.

Me at a model search in LA for Torrid in 2015.


And as we all know representation really does matter…

daysha veronica

I'll never forget the day that I saw a co-worker of mine, who was a similar size to me, wearing a long-sleeve shirt and pants in 90 degree weather. I could feel the sweat creeping down my back just looking at her. And when I said "Girl, aren't you hot in all that?!"

She said that she always has to have her arms covered; that she's never felt good about letting her arms be out. It was like daaaammn society is cutting people this deep to where they can't even be comfortable existing? We can't even have our arms out in 90-degree weather just because they have fat on them?

Look... I don't know how to break it to y'all…

But I'm fat.

And I honestly think it's crazier that you think me wearing a long-sleeve shirt and pants in 90-degree weather is somehow going to mask that fact.

And listen, I'm not here for the whole "I'm-concerned-for-your-health-BS." Because #Realtalk, we all know that you're not. You just don't like that I'm fat.

You don't like the way I look, and that I have the audacity to not look attractive in the way that you define attractiveness.

But more importantly, you are most likely even more bothered by the fact that I, Erika S. Agard, don't care what you think... annnnnnd that I might even be living a happier life than you are.

Society has played y'all for years thinking that I'm supposed to be your comic relief; the poor sad sap that will always have a worse off life than you. But I'm living pretty good, boo.

For some reason, all these people stay thinking that big girls can't be happy, and for damn sure not fashionable.

And I'm just out here like...

daysha veronica

But now that my lil' sis, Daysha, is out here starting the #UnapologeticAgeOfWomen, I wanted to remind the fashion world, but more importantly, YOU, the fiercely unapologetic reader, that happiness doesn't come with a dress size.

I wanted to remind you that looking good, and being out and about in the world doesn't have to start once you're "the right size..."

That you can be Unapologetically Fashionable at any size!

And I know some people might think that this is "glorifying obesity" or any of the other fake sentiments of concern that they throw out to feel justified in their hate. And this is what I need y'all in particular to understand…

My Body Is Not Here To Look Appealing To You.

As the YQ motto goes... "Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I am also equally entitled to not give a fuck about that opinion." And should I decide that I don't care about your "health concerns" about my body, then the conversation should be a wrap. I work on my health in my own way, and at my own pace. And should I decide that I'm ready to lose weight, I will. But should I decide that I do not want to lose weight at this moment, that's ok. And I'm gonna need you to learn how to be ok with it. You don't have to like how I look, but you need to accept it. Because in the #UnapologeticAgeOfWomen, I'll be damned if you think you're about to catch me saying sorry for being at a size that YOU have a problem with, and I don't.

So I hope you're ready to add a lil' more #UnapologeticFierceness to your wardrobe! And I'll catch you every other #FeelingMyself Friday.

daysha veronica
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