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Someone Great Isn’t Necessarily Something New, But It Is Something Hella Important For Girls Like Me

For years, I had to find myself in the upper-middle class perspectives and reflections of white, thin female bodies struggling to find love in the most white-washed representations of NYC or other re-donk-ulously diverse urban backdrops. But by the end of each film, no matter how innovative in form or storytelling or camera angles or whatever other thing that’s supposed to make a film merit worthy, I always left them feeling feeling a strong sense of incompleteness; like that was cool and all, but when’s it gonna be my turn?

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How I Keep My Period in Check Through Grad School

#advertisement #sponsored So being in grad school now can be a real grind. And if there's one thing I don't have time for now more than ever, it's period cramps. So check out my blog post this week on how Midol is helping women have better periods! (Created in partnership with Midol)

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