#MoneyMovesMondays- 3 Financial Resources That Re-Affirmed The Power In Me To Control My Finances

For this week, I wanted to share with you 3 financial resources that I stumbled upon, and that have very much re-affirmed the power within me to handle my finances/start a business.

So as I continue to write these posts, you might hear me mention the Kiyosakis a lot…

yes queen

So here's the #realtalk about the Kiyosakis... I think they are a huge wealth of knowledge when it comes to personal finance strategies, and thinking beyond get-rich-quick schemes. They definitely empower people to think about how to build wealth, and not riches, and I've learned so much valuable information from them over the past year of listening to them.

That being said... I know my audience skews more towards the liberal side, and even though none of their programming is politically affiliated, there might be certain side remarks that could rub people the wrong way (they also happen to be good friends with our current president, which isn't to say they are 100% like him because I do still listen to them, but I just don't want that to be a surprise).

So I'm not including them in my list, but I wanted to put that out there because I think it's important to show credit where credit is due, and one of the biggest values that I respect about the Kiyosakis and the Rich Dad company is how much they value being financially educated before you make any kind of financial move.

The fact that you are here reading these posts already tells me how important being financially educated is to you, and like any new skill that you learn, one of the best ways to pick it up quickly is to immerse yourself in it.

So here are 3 resources I follow that have helped me to get more comfortable with certain words and techniques in the world of personal finance/entrepreneurship.

1. The Payoff by Mic

yes queen

The Payoff is a free financial podcast that was started by Mic, and that is all about helping people learn more about money-- how to earn it, save it, and make it work for them, among other things. While it looks like it was only contracted to go until the end of 2017 (sad face), it is still up on iTunes, and you can listen to all of the older episodes.

They have a lot of amazing guests that tend to be around the millennial age or that work a lot with millennials. So their tips for personal finance tend to be a lot more useful, and centered around our current needs.  I know a lot of you indicated in the survey that you would love to have more tips/advice on personal finance choices, so I would say this podcast is a great place to start.

Its target audience is definitely millennials, especially those transitioning out of college/those a few years out of college. What I love about them is that they take current policies and legislation that are being enacted, and then breakdown how this will affect you as a millennial. I will say for me, personally, I found this podcast to be very helpful as we were transitioning into Trump's presidency, and there was so much talk of all of these changes on healthcare and taxes, but no one to really explain what the bottomline was, and how these changes were ultimately going to affect me. So it truly made me feel way less lost about everything going on.

I would say if you're baby fresh into the world of personal finance, this is definitely the podcast for you. It's not too over the top, lingo-wise, and I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that they tend to be 30-45 min max. Podcasts that go into the hour territory make me itch because no matter how good it is, I have such a hard time staying focused. They usually have a brief discussion about how their topic of the week affects their life, they interview an expert, and then they do their final segment called "The Bottomline," which is when they take a story from the world of business news, and breakdown why you should care about it, and how it will affect your bank balance.

Fun fact: I used to intern with Antonia, one of the hosts, when we were in college at Endgame Entertainment! #BossQueenAlert

2. Side Hustle Pro

yes queen

OMG... This podcast... this podcast, right here?! This was honestly one of the biggest blessings I stumbled upon in 2017. So SHP is all about breaking down the world of entrepreneurship from a black female/WOC perspective, and it was everything I needed to re-affirm the power in me to go out, and be brave about starting Yes Queen.

Nicaila, the host, doesn't know me, but I would hug her 8 million times over for starting this podcast. I think women, but especially women of color, are some of the most under-encouraged groups when it comes to starting a business, and yet, I know so many women that have such bold visions and ideas that would be perfect for a business.

So the whole premise of the podcast is how do you transform your side hustle into your main hustle, as well as what are the steps you should consider taking as you plan to transition out of doing a 9-5pm job, and into doing your own thing. Nicaila usually does an interview with a guest, where they are either currently side-hustling, or they have fully transitioned out, and they talk about what inspired their idea, any hardships they faced along the way, and things they think others should know as they make the leap.

So this podcast is less about personal finance, and more about entrepreneurship. However, because it talks a lot about how to make the transition into starting your own business, they definitely have budgeting and personal finance tips sprinkled throughout a few of them, as you have to be super on top of your finances when starting your own business.

It is actually one of my personal goals to do well enough with YQ, so that I can be on the show, and I hustle hard everyday with that being such a huge motivation for me. So all in all, I LOVE this podcast, and love and support everything Nicaila is doing to re-affirm the power within all of us to start our own hustles! Talk about a #bossqueen!

3. Finimize

yes queen

So super funny story about how I started reading Finimize. I guess I signed up for some promotional contest that was sponsored by Finimize, and a whole bunch of other companies. And of course, when you enter those things, you end up also submitting to become part of their email list. So one day, as I was hacking away, and unsubbing from most of them, I don't quite know what made me stop, and read a little bit of their article, but I'm always so grateful I did because Finimize is one of my FAVORITE financial newsletters to read.

So the premise of Finimize is that they breakdown what's going on in the world of finance on a global scale in 3 minutes or less. This is also another extremely valuable resource for those of you that are baby fresh to the world of finance because of how well they breakdown the information for you. It is usually in 3 clear sections: What's going on, what does this mean, and why should I care.

So simple, clean, and concise. And the best part is that whenever they introduce financial terms that you might not understand, they also hyperlink the terms to very clear, understandable breakdowns of the words. And if you have any questions about the info presented (like you want more clarification on a certain point), at the bottom of every email is one reader question with a detailed answer.

I am so in love with this site, and I always feel so much more in the know whenever I read their newsletters (I literally have a Finimize tab in my inbox where I save all their newsletters haha).  I also think they really allow me to test out my understanding of new financial words or techniques that I learn from books/articles I read on finance. It's also amazing that they don't just focus on what's going on in the US, but really aim to help you understand finance on a global scale