Real Talk Love Therapy: EP 8- The Anatomy Of A Fuckboy -- Featuring Ryann Graham

So if you're someone that dates in this day and age (especially online), then I'm sure you've run into one of these…

yes queen

And I'm many of us know that there's nothing worse than this conundrum…

yes queen

So for this week's episode, we finally decided to dig a little deeper into the anatomy of a fuckboy so as to help those in our lives that might be "unaware" of their fuckboy tendencies.

And I couldn't think of a better guest other than BuzzFeed producer, and the ultimate slayer of Instagram and fuckboys, Ryann Graham (@gudguyryry)!

yes queen

Eli definitely felt triggered right off the jump... but that was to be expected.

But overall, Ryann provide us with a lot of insight into the types of fuckboys he's dealt with as he has explored dating in LA, as well as his thoughts on how men can try to do better.

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