Real Talk Love Therapy: EP 7- Is Black And Brown Love A Fantasy

So this episode is on a much deeper topic than what we usually cover, but after being reminded about an unfortunate story that I (Daysha) heard about after going back to her high school to do an assembly with current students, she realize that RTLT would be great platform to discuss the issue.

So back in March, I was invited to do an assembly at my high school, which was also a private day/boarding school. In addition to doing the assembly, I was also invited to many different student groups and classes to interact with students. One of the highlights of my trip was getting to hang out with the women of color alliance that had formed in recent years.

yes queen

And while they weren't the ones to share the story with me, it was very clear through the conversations that we had that this event that I will share with you had severely impacted their feelings of desirability and  self worth in the dating sphere, particularly among men of color.

So to make a long toxic story very short,  a black female student and a white male student at the school decided to hook up with each other.  And when the white male student went back to his male of color friends to talk about his experience, they told him, “it sucks that you had to stoop to sleeping with the help.”

Yes. I'm not playing. Young men of color said about their own, “it sucks that you had to stoop to sleeping with the help.”

Eli was pretty shocked…

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I, on the other hand, when I first heard it was hurt, but not that surprised.

yes queen

So it was from this story that we got into a deeper exploration of the tension between men and women of color and the dating space,  and wondering whether or not black/ brown love has become a fantasy in 2018 and beyond ?

So what are your thoughts about this week's episode? Do you think that black and brown love has now become or is turning into a fantasy?  Or do you think like Eli, and believe that we are entering into a new phase of what black and brown love looks like?

How important is it to you to marry or date someone within your own race?  Is that a personal desire of yours, or do you feel a sense of society/community pressure to do so?

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