Real Talk Love Therapy: EP 5- Do Breakups Always Have To Be Messy

This week's episode is all about breakups, and exploring whether or not they always have to end in a hot mess?

yes queen

So Eli and I (Daysha) both just got out of long-term relationships, and found that our breakups were quite “pleasant”... Well as pleasant as a breakup can be anyway.

But we also recognized that this time around we were the ones that ended the relationships we were in. So we decided to dig into our relationship past to see if there was a time that we had been broken up with, and whether or not it was better to be the person being broken up with or the person initiating the breakup?

I personally prefer being broken up with because I have my post-breakup routine down to a T!

Old school of Mary J Blige on repeat, and a tub of Ben & Jerry's anyone? (Well #realtalk now that I'm a healthy foodie it would be a tub of Arctic Zero lol).

I also know that I'm really good at being able to pick myself back up again, whereas ending a relationship is much harder for me because I hate the guilt of feeling like I'm hurting someone that I loved.

Eli was out here trying to tell bold face lies that he's never been broken up with before, when in actuality he got broken up with once when he was in middle school.

But for the most part he finds that he tends to be the one that ends his relationships, because he's not into them anymore. So he is trying to work on figuring out why he tends to lose interest so fast.

But he brought up a good point about how important family can be in shaping your attitudes towards dating and relationships, as his grandma was very averse to him and other members in the family dating.

We also talked about how likely it was for breakups to come out of nowhere, or if it was possible for someone to not see their breakup coming?

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