Real Talk Love Therapy: EP 4- Dick Pics Featuring Curly Velasquez

So for this week's episode, we're moving Eggplant Friday to Thursday, as Eli and I decided to explore the world of dick pics and sexting!

And we couldn't think of a guest more perfectly suited  to bring us into this world other than Pero Like’s Curly Velasquez!

curly 1.jpg

Curly and I go waaaaaay back to when he used to work in the kitchen at BuzzFeed, and I was a little baby intern.

Fun Fact: Curly really wanted to learn how to become a producer when he worked in the kitchen. So I would come in on weekends to try and teach him how to use Premiere… but it almost never happened because we always enjoyed talking to each other more lol.

You might recognize Curly from a few of these classic BuzzFeed hits…

So as you can see from the “How Much Does Your Penis Size Matter?” video, Curly is certainly no stranger when it comes to talking about dicks.

And he loves a good dick pic, especially when they get slid into his DMs... as long as you're older than 25 tho.

And given that I've never gotten one, and Eli very rarely sends them, we decided to let Curly school us on the art of sending a good dick pic…

And BOY did we learn!

Conversation Highlights:

  • The gay community is thirsty for some Eli apparently lol.

  • Curly is currently in a state of evolution about his feelings towards dick pics;  there was a time in his life where he felt like no dick pic could ever be considered unsolicited. And while he still enjoys them, he's more interested now. in seeking out a long-term relationship, and doesn't think that sending a dick pic prior to being at least "4 conversations deep" is the sign of someone that is dating material.

At this point I’ve seen so many dicks that they’re like lil’ snowflakes.
— Curly
  • Curly mentions that of the guys that he's hooked up with that also identify as being primarily straight, many of them like to be bottomed because they are intrigued by the role reversal.  This lead us to talk about the difference between fucking (aka inserting) vs being fucked (penetration).

  • Curly loses it every time Eli says the word, “dick” and Daysha is in fear for her couch, because there might be a giant cum stain on it by the time the recording is over lol.

  • Eli talks about how he has sent a dick pic, but never unwarranted, and can't fathom how other guys can send them randomly.  He usually waits for his female partner to ask for them.

  • Never in our dying day would we have ever believed that Daysha and Eli I could come to an agreement about something, but that day has come. They both agreed that dicks look ugly AF.

We live in the internet age where you don’t want your dick pics to be leaked,  but I feel like if mine did I might have a boyfriend by now.
— Curly
  • Eli brings up how girls have way more to work with in terms of sexting, but that for guys it really is only about their dick. Daysha and Curly wonder about whether or not butt pics for guys would also work?

  • Curly gives us the scoop on what are his favorite ways to verify if a guys dick game is strong from their dick pic.

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