Welcome to my Queendom!

HI QUEENS!!! I just wanted to take a moment to royally welcome you to my Queendom.


If you're not sure what a Queendom is or how it works, then don't worry, queen. I got chu--Just keep reading.

Your Queendom is essentially one of the most important safe spaces you can create for yourself.

For many years, I have received messages from people all over the world asking about how I learned to feel good in my skin-- especially after learning about the various struggles I've gone through with mental health, romantic relationships, self-esteem, body image, and self-love.

yes queen

And when I really took the time to think about it, I discovered that much of my ability to learn how to love myself on my own terms came from the amazing energy/love of the people I kept closest to me.

Your Queendom is about so much more than just "BFFs" or "squad goals." It is about learning how to cultivate and sustain an unquestionable loving energy from the people in your life that frees your mind of self-doubt and insecurity.

Many people talk about looking for unconditional love, but I think for me, I have found my strength in surrounding myself with an unquestionable love. It is a love that I can always intrinsically feel regardless of whether or not those people agree with or see eye to eye with my choices.

yes qeeun

Now this doesn't mean that they don't question me-- they definitely love to keep it real. But, in my mind, I see them as the people that give me pause, and that give me purpose. They ask me questions/give me feedback to make me pause, but it's only because they are invested in me finding my true purpose... which is always to slay.

They give you the strength to do what queens do best-- always keep it moving!

They will not let you get caught in doubt and fear. And couldn't even think twice about letting that head of yours sulk to the ground. They wouldn't dare let the world miss one minute of your beautifully beaming crown.

Now a lot of figuring out how to cultivate this kind of energy in your life will require that you develop a strong relationship with your intuition, which is otherwise called "gut feelings." But I'll write more on how you can do that later.

So I created this blog, not only to shout out the amazing, beautiful souls that I am so lucky to call family, friends, or fans, but I hope that it serves as an example for anyone looking to build their Queendom as to what qualities and traits you should look for in the people you allow to be closest to you.

I know a lot of us struggle with figuring out how to maintain the right relationships, but in 2018 and beyond, I'm committed to helping you create a Queendom full of unquestionable loving energy that makes everyone around you want to say "YAAASS QUEEN!" So I hope you're as excited as I am.

In love, peace, and unapologetic fierceness,