Daysha's 2nd Annual Xmas Cookie Extravaganza

So anyone who knows me well knows that I'm fucking OBSESSED with a bomb ass cookie.

And I know Christmas is supposed to be about love, and family and togetherness and shit…

But let's be real right quick. This heffa right here is only about Christmas for the cookies.

So last year I started what has now become a beloved tradition. I invited some members of my queendom over to make one of the best desserts of all time (Yeah, I said it. Don't @ me, cake or pie lovers. I'll be the first to let you know I'm not here for it).

yes queen

So because it was the inaugural year, we-uhhh... we definitely had some bumps…

So I usually live for buying anything at Targèt, but they definitely let me down this time. I bought a 4-pack of icing, and when we opened the red tube, literally nothing was in the tube... And my Xmas hats were definitely meant for the head of a 6-month old baby.

yes queen

So best believe that for 2017, Miss Daysha got her shit together.

Becky on the other hand…

yes queen

I mean... You know…

Listen, Linda! At least we had the right colors this year.

All in all, I'd say it was a great end to a shitastic year; Being surrounded by queens and cookies. I don't know if I could have asked Santa for anything better. I hope y'all are finding dope ways to end your 2017 on a good note.

yes queen