Colors & Curves: 2 Ways To Change Up How You Wear Red, White, and Blue This 4th Of July

Yo, yo, yo, it’s your girl Erika, and I’m back with another #Unapologetically Fashionable piece.

This week I will discussing how to - ROCK -  The Red, The White, and The Blue!

4th of July is around the corner, and if you've been feeling a type of way about wearing the flag this year because of the daily shit storm that our country seems to be in right now,  I totally hear ya.

So this post is more about how to slay this color combo in a fashionable way, and my 2 tips to help you change up your look at the cookout.

daysha veronica

So we already know that red, white, and blue are colors that compliment each other. But how can we utilize these colors in a fun and creative way?

1. Pick One To Be The Base Color, Secondary Color, And Accent Color For Your Outfit.

You can pick either of the 3 as your base. It’s honestly whatever your preference is. Once you’ve picked your base color, your secondary color will be the next most dominant color in your outfit. And your accent color is there to give your look a lil' pop.

daysha veronica

For example, in my picture I’m wearing a white t-shirt to serve as my base color, blue jeans as my secondary color, and cowgirl boots with a hint of red, and red lipstick as my accent color. And then I decided to use an American flag head wrap to seal it all together.

2. Patterns Are A Great Way To Add An Extra Flair To Your Outfit

daysha veronica

So as you can see here, according to my color scheme method, I have made blue my base color, red my secondary color, and white my accent color. But I decided to have a little fun with how I accented the white, and chose to go with a blue and white plaid hemline on my dress.

daysha veronica

You can also play around with whether or not the pattern is the focal point of the outfit. So for example, I chose to wear a striped blue and white dress as my base and secondary colors,  with red sandals, lipstick, and glasses for my accent color. My advice would be that if you decide to wear your pattern as the main part of the outfit, then you should use solid color items to compliment your look.

ErikaDaysha Veronica