Colors & Curves: To Wear White, or Not to Wear White After Labor Day THAT is the Question?


Hello Queens!!!!! I’m baaaaccckk! Now, I know I straight ghosted y’all for the past few months, but it was for a good reason. My little sister, Daysha, who y’all know as Big Sistah Auntie Queen Daysha and the founder of Yes Queen, gave Unapologetically Fashionable a makeover :))) – who doesn’t heart a good touch up ;)

So, with all that said I’d like to introduce you to the new and improved fashion segment called: Colors & Curves. Yasssssss Queen!

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For many years I have heard people say, you can’t wear white after Labor Day - Um…but why? Like, who said that this was a good idea? (I’m giving the ill eye roll) Did they take a vote? I mean, how did this fashion faux pas come into existence? Look, I’ll be damned if someone tries to tell what I can and can’t wear. I wish y’all could see me sucking my teeth right now. It’s 2018, DO YOU BOO, ALL DAY!

So, I decided to put on my Inspector Gadget hat and get to the bottom of this mystery. I have found 2 repeating explanations that have been used to justify how and why this “no wearing white after Labor Day rule” came to be.

The first reason why this rule was put in place is because the old money aristocrats didn’t want to mix with the new money rich heads and anyone below their socioeconomic status. The old money elilist straight Draked them: No new friends, no new friends, no new friends, no, no new. Back then the shade was REAL! The old money aristocrats were able to create another way to demonstrate their hierarchy, however, this time it was done through clothing.


The second reason is a bit more practical. The “no wearing white after Labor Day” was to let everyone know - Hey y’all summer is OVER, put your airy white clothing away, the vacation is done, stop beaching, and now get to work and wear anything except white, OK! Basically in the words of Sean Paul - Da party done

Welp, now you have some background information about how this rule came to be. However, at the end of the day your clothing, your style, and your dress code is your decision, and yours alone. As for me, I’m a low key rebel, so I does wear white after Labor Day.


I will reiterate what I said earlier: It’s 2018, DO YOU BOO, ALL DAY!

I hope all my QUEENS have a Colorful & Curvy day.