To learn more about the foundation of the choices commandment, and how to best apply it to your own life, please either watch the video and/or read the commentary provided below.

Once you have gathered open and honest clarity on your situation, you have redirected your power and taken steps to reclaim it, and you have molded your crown of confidence, you are now in the most optimal position to fill your life with unapologetic choices. As with all choices, there is no guarantee that the choice you make will yield an ideal outcome. To me, that is not the point of the 4 Queen Commandments™. 

Don’t get me wrong, if amazing things happen for you based on the choices you are able to make following this system, then by all means... YAAASSS QUEEN! But in my mind, I developed the 4 Queen Commandments™ as a way for women to finally start living their lives on their own terms. Even as an avid user of the 4 QC method, and as one who is as unapologetic as they come, I still get shit for some of the choices I’ve made. Unfortunately, we live in a society where women losing the right to vote feels much more likely than it is for people to stop getting unnecessary shit for choices that have little to no impact on other people (#realtalk y’all). But if there is one huge life lesson that I always carry with me, it's that you can't change other people, and attempting to do so only wastes energy that you could use to live up to your life's potential. 

There is always going to be someone that wants to create or pass on negative energy. So instead of focusing on how I get them to stop doing that, I have decided to refocus my energy on how to continue to live a better life within the world of negative energy that we live in. What the 4 QC method has given me is the the unwavering confidence to know that the choices I make are made for me, by me and no one else. It has given me the strength to still find happiness in the face of my, oftentimes, unwarranted opposition, and it has given me the power to do what queens do best… always keep it moving.

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