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When Self Care Isn't The Easiest Choice -- Erika Agard on Self Care and Going Natural

“In October of 2016, I decided to do the BIG CHOP! Yep, that’s right, I decided to cut off all of my relaxed hair and go natural. Prior to October, I had been going through some real hair-struggles. My hair was breaking off, my edges were receding, and my hair was falling out in small chunks. My hairdresser suggested that I should go natural…”

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The Spiritual Gift of Motherhood -- Shamell Bell on Self-Care, Activism, Spirituality, and Motherhood

“I was prompted to live daily in a manner of self care not only as a parenting tool, but because I was diagnosed with several autoimmune disorders, most recently Rheumatoid Arthritis. As a dancer this last diagnosis could have been devastating, but I am finding strength in my healing modalities…”

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