Speaking It Into Existence -- Marquita Thomas on Women in Politics, and Always Keeping Her Sights Held High

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“I grew up in a very small southern town in South Carolina on a literal dirt road. My parents were working class and due to attitudes in the South, it wasn't uncommon to feel less than for being a woman or of color. I remember a high school trigonometry teacher yelling to the class after giving me yet another A that he just couldn't believe that the person with the highest grade in the class was a girl. 

Just prior to my high school graduation, I was told that going to school in Los Angeles was far too ambitious.

Luckily, I moved to Los Angeles and after college to West Hollywood, a town that is a beacon on the hill for many of us, especially those in the LGBTQ community. This progressive, supportive city has molded me into an activist, a change-maker and now, a hopeful candidate for West Hollywood City Council. I am so lucky to live in a city known for firsts and I hope to add another first to the list - not only will I be an independent, innovative voice on the Council, I will also be the first African American to serve in the City’s history. “ — Marquita

To support Marquita’s campaign, check out marquitaforwesthollywood.com  and to follow her campaign journey, follow her on Instagram (@marquitathomas) or Facebook (Facebook.com/marquitaYvetteThomas)!