Taking Control of My Body Through Self-Love -- Victoria Verlezza on Battling Endometriosis

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"Endometriosis is a disease I have battled since I was in my teens. I have no idea what it means to live a normal life or have a normal moon cycle. For many years, I was mad, mad as hell, at my body. I would lose days because of the pain. I was in constant fear that my life would have to be put on hold so I could baby my uterus and my disease that runs amuck on my body once a month. But finally, in 2017 I took control and started to love my body, showing it respect despite my loathing for its inability to function "properly". When I started taking better care of my body through acupuncture, self-love, and my own coaching practice, I started to see a shift. My pain scale shifted from over a 10 to a 4 out of 10. Once I reframed my situation and poured love into my sore abdomen, I started to see things and feel things differently. Self-love in my situation is about more than simply providing myself affirmations, it's about working hard to stay on the right track, to eat right for me, to follow my acupuncture protocol in addition to being kind to myself with positive self-talk and reassurance. Things happen and I don't always feel great but I always forgive myself for the place I'm in and move forward because there is nothing better than knowing healing is possible." — @victoria_verlezza

Victoria is a healer, coach, educator, yogi, phd student, and fur mommy to some of the cutest cats on the internet. Please check out www.victoriaverlezza.com or @victoria_verlezza for more info.