Sitting High On Self Love -- Lolo on How YouTube Helped Her Self-Love Journey


"Being disabled and loving yourself is a very challenging thing, and it took years for me to get to the point of being completely happy with exactly who I am and my disability. I’m Lolo, and I’m a Disability Lifestyle Influencer. I was diagnosed with a muscle disease as a teenager, and started using a wheelchair to assist with my mobility needs once I started college. The catalyst to learning how to love myself was when I started my YouTube channel, Sitting Pretty, where I document my unique lifestyle as a wheelchair user. And it was having the confidence and vulnerability to share my story that, in turn, helped me love myself. Becoming fearless in that way made me realize that I was not loving myself fully before because of what society showed me of what they thought about disabled people. But once I let go of that thinking, and really did and said everything I wanted, I began to love myself unconditionally every day." —@itslololove

Lolo is a disability influencer and YouTube personality. Check out or @itslololove for more info.