Daysha's 4 Favorite Astrology Resources To Help You Get Ya Life Right

So May just started, and do you know what that means, Queens...?

It’s time to do our monthly astrology check!


Yes, I am a HUGE astrology nerd, and I know that some of you are going to try and tell me that astrology isn’t real. And what I’m gonna tell you is to go look at our current circus of a government, and then try to talk to me about what’s real and isn’t real anymore, ok?

But jokes aside, I get why there are a ton of non-believers out there. I’ve definitely read my fair share of terrible back magazine horoscopes.

So I’m compiling a list of my favorite astrology sources that I love to check every month. Real talk, I have found these resources to be pretty accurate in predicting how my month was gonna go, and the major changes I was going to be facing.

And I predict that once you start following these astrology boss queens, you’ll be sitting up anxiously at 11:59pm before the first of the month waiting for your new monthly breakdown just like me.

So let’s get to it!

  1. Astrology Zone by Susan Miller

Listen y’all! Me and Sistah Auntie Queen Susan go waaaaayyy tf back. I can’t even tell you when I started reading her monthly breakdowns, but it’s definitely been over 5 years, and I am still a very loyal and faithful reader to this day. I’ve had her breakdowns literally predict right down to the day I was going to be expecting some sort of major change in my life. Like for example, she predicted over MLK weekend this year,  during which an eclipse happened, that something would finally be revealed to me that would cause me a lot of distress; something that had been going on in the background for months, and while its reveal would feel sudden and upsetting, I had to know that there was nothing I could do about it because of it being worked on in secret. Now, let me tell y’all, I just could not wrap my head around what the hell it could have been. Then I kid you not, that Friday this woman knocks on my door talking about how my apartment building was just bought out by these developers that wanted to buy me out of my lease, and that I had to move out in 60 days. I was stunned, not just by the news, but also by Susan’s ridiculously sharp accuracy. I even found the Twitter account for these architects that the new developers hired to up date the place, and you could see tweets from weeks back talking about their excitement to redevelop the building. Even though this was news to me in the moment, these people had been working on this in the background for weeks. CRAZY, RIGHT?!

You can become a devote Susan Miller fan by clicking here.


2. The Quietest Revolution

Ugh, Amber. Amber. Amber! I literally feel like she’s watching me sometimes because of how spot on she is about my tender spots for the month. I was put on to her by another fellow astrology nerd, and to be honest, I was real skeptical at first because there’s something about it being a YouTuber astrologer that just made it feel like it could be a sham. But I swear she be preaching the gospel. I remember when I watched my first video of hers right before I quit my job, and it was like she knew intimately why I wanted to leave, and how important it was for my growth. I had never felt more confident in my decision after watching her video. And while I fell off the bandwagon for a bit, I started watching again in November when I was trying to work through some difficult personal issues, and now I literally creep on her YouTube page like every day during the first week of the month until she drops my sign’s video.

I know her videos are long, and that was a huge turn off to me at first. But let me tell y’all, once Amber gets going you don’t want her to stop. In addition to her YouTube, she also does extended readings on Vimeo that you can pay extra for. I’ve never done this, but man are there some readings that make me hella tempted.

You can check out her Youtube, and become a fan here.


3. Chani Nicholas

If you are looking for the best astrology memes on the internet then you need to be following Chani on Instagram (well honestly all over social media). I first met Chani while I was working at BuzzFeed, and she actually did a breakdown on my natal chart for a video, which was a hella crazy experience for me. I remember she was telling me how someone really important to me had just exited my life, and it was having a profound impact on me, and I was literally in the middle of processing the end of an on-again, off-again relationship with a person that I really wanted to be in a committed relationship with. Sadly that video was never released, but nevertheless, I loved getting to meet her, and follow her work on social. On her website she also does monthly horoscope breakdowns that sound like nectar and ambrosia to your ears.

You can check out her work her work and become a fan here.


4. Co-Star

So Co-Star is the latest big thing in the astrology nerd community. So one of the biggest things that I know that intimidates non-astrology nerds is all of the houses, and planets, and retrogrades, and other abstract terminology. So Co-Star is an app that attempts to simplify all of that for you.

You can join for free, and it will tell you each day how the alignment of the stars and the planets is affecting you. The other cool thing about it is that you can also invite your friends to join, and monitor how the stars and planets are affecting them too.

To sign up, click here.


What are your favorite astrology resources, Queens? Please make sure to share them with me on social media!

In love, peace, and unapologetic fierceness!