Monday Motivation: #PutItInTheUniverse: Actualizing My Dream Of Presenting At Concord Academy

So check it... Let's go back in time to the spring of 2010, on any Thursday at 2:30 pm. At this point in my life, I was a senior at a small prep school in Massachusetts called Concord Academy.

yes queen

At this block of time every Thursday was our assembly block, where the school would invite alums and prestigious speakers to come and sometimes entertain, engage, or put us to sleep (I know hella savage but real) for 45 minutes.

But since I've always been extremely ambitious, I was either engaged, asleep, or daydreaming about what it would be like to have my own assembly. I never really had a clear idea on what kind of adult I'd be or what kind of job I'd have.

I just knew at that point in my life I wanted to be good enough at whatever I choose to do to be invited back to speak. Little did I know that not only would I go into media, work at one of the biggest viral media companies of our time straight out of college, and then leave to start my own hustle, but that 8 years after graduating, I would finally get my 45 minutes in the Concord Academy assembly spotlight.

Having a dream is nice; comfortable; fun, even. But actualizing that dream... having the courage and the heart to not only put what you want into the universe, but then making it a real, tangible accomplishment is one of the greatest sensations I've ever felt in my life.

And if there is anything that I hope to accomplish within the Yes Queen community, it is giving you all the unapologetic fierceness to put your dreams, goals, hopes, and wishes out into the universe, and supporting you on your quest towards actualizing your goals in the best way I can.

So I hope you'll join me on social media this week, and #PutItInTheUniverse at least 1 thing you want to accomplish this month! Whether it's getting over a break up, submitting your work in a contest, or getting your coins in order, let the world know what will be yours in the future to come!

yes queen