Monday Motivation: Who's Ready For An Energy Exfoliation Treatment?

So on my quest to be better about self-care, I've been really getting into taking care of my face.

daysha veronica

One of my favorite weekly night time activities has become doing masks, and exfoliating.

Exfoliating, in particular, is a very cathartic process because I leave with the satisfaction of knowing that I am removing old layers of myself to bring a more refreshed, and revitalized layer of myself to the surface.

It was through exfoliating one night that I started to think about the importance of not only removing the dead skin from my face so as to not clog up my pores, but how important it was to also exfoliate the dead relationships out of our lives so as to not clog up our energy.

daysha veronica

Our energy is what makes us special; it is our essence; our overall spirit and demeanor. If we do not take time to exfoliate our energy, and the energy that we keep around us, that clogs up our spirit, and hampers our shine.

I mean have you ever hung out with someone that had such a dark and toxic energy around them? It sucks you up, right? You just can't help but absorb a little bit (or sometimes a lot) of their negativity.

And negativity loves to make a home out of people. It was certainly making a home out of me for many years. But as I have been on this quest towards investing more in proper self-care, I started paying a lot more attention to how the energy of those I hung out with a lot was affecting me.

yes queen

There is a popular saying that your network is your net worth, and that your net worth is the value of the 5 closest people you hang out with. The purpose of this saying is to inspire people to hang out with people that are making money because eventually through being in close proximity to them you will also become someone who is making money (if that's what you desire).

So as we go forth to reimagine our Monday this week, and take time to have clarity about the ways in which we can do better for ourselves, I would encourage you to think about this saying in relationship to the energy you keep around you as well.

I believe more strongly than anything that your energy is the sum of the five closest people you keep around you. So if you find yourself feeling a little bit down, overwhelmed, or doubtful, I would rate the energy of the five closest people that you've been hanging out with recently.

Do they uplift you when you're down, or do they make you feel worse?

Do they champion you when you're winning, or are they oddly distant?

Do they make you feel like you could do anything you put your mind to, or do they make you feel like you're incompetent at everything?

You'd be surprised at how much negativity we tend to harbor around us when we really dig into our close relationships. Some relationships are a little bit harder to extract ourselves from, like if they’re family. But again, I highly encourage you to just take some mental notes about how some of the closest people around you make you feel. If any of them make you feel less than about yourself, it might be time to do some energy exfoliating, so that your queenly shine can rise to the surface.