Are Y'all Ready For Some Real Talk Love Therapy With Daysha And Eli? Then This New Podcast on Love, Sex, and Relationships For Millennials Is Just For You!ment

Hi Queens! So if you're a fan of mine from my BuzzFeed days, then I'm sure you know that this is Pookie a.k.a Eli.


So if you didn't know this about us, the internet has pretty much been rallying for us to date each other ever since we first appeared on screen as a romantic couple in my very first spoken word video for BuzzFeed.

And listen, I get that it was a hot kiss (all of our co-workers certainly did not let us forget LO


But I figured that our tumultuous marriage for a week video would be all the proof that the internet needed to say that this just wasn't meant to be.

But then as DJ Khaled would say, “we played ourselves,” when we took a DNA compatibility test in the hopes of trolling the internet, and we pretty much ended up trolling ourselves.

And even though we still refuse to date, after working on all of these different videos together, we had to at least admit that we made a pretty good team... Or at least I had to say it, let Eli object to it, and then let him come to the same conclusion a day later as if he was the one to initially come to this conclusion... #RealTalk.

So we decided to start a podcast called Real Talk Love Therapy, where we hope to create a productive space of discussion to challenge traditionally held views about love, and redefine what it means to be a millennial navigating love, sex, and relationships from a POC perspective.

For episode 1, we figured we'd have to address our most frequently asked question, “why aren't we dating?”

So we hope you'll join us on 5/31 when it launches! You can find it on iTunes and SoundCloud, and behind-the-scenes clips of our recording sessions on the Yes Queen YouTube channel.