Y’all Just Motivate Me So Much… #FANCRUSH

So I got a notification from Instagram that someone tagged me in a post. I wasn’t sure what it would be for, but when I went to look... my heart just swelled.

yes queen

I haven’t even officially launched the site yet, and seeing my logo and those words on her poster just completely reinvigorated my spirit.


Like any human being going after their dream, I deal with imposter syndrome like crazy.

It’s definitely lessened throughout time, or else I wouldn’t be writing on this very site that I built. But it still gets ya from time to time.

But when I see stuff like this, my work or my words being integrated into people’s every day lives and serving a purpose… It’s always the jolt of confidence I need to turn to my imposter syndrome and be like “Ha! Bitch you thought you was gonna shake me, but I’m out here changing lives one poster at a time.”

So to @BlackGirlMagiic_ thank you so much for thinking to share that with me. I know it seems like such a small gesture, but it truly did mean the world to me and I got so much love for you!