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8 Tips For How To Survive Holiday Eating Season // Thick N Fit Kitchen (November 2018 Q&A with Dr. Dan)

Lord knows I live to go IN over the holidays, but this year I wanted to learn how to decrease the risk of messing up all my hard work in the gym. So here are the key highlights from my monthly Q&A livestream with doctor/educator/entrepreneur Dr. Dan on how to survive eating over the holidays!

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7 Questions on How To Drink, Be Thick, And Stay Fit // Thick N Fit Kitchen (October 2018 Q&A with Dr. Dan)

One of the reasons why Dr. Dan is a true homie is because he gets that for people like you and me, we’re just trying to find the intersection between healthy and human. So if alcohol is an important part of your lifestyle that you can’t realistically imagine taking completely out of your diet, then come read up on his 7 tips on alcohol and fitness!

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