One Cheap and Easy Way To Hydrate After A Night of Drinking // Thick N Fit Kitchen

Happy New Year, Queens!

I know y’all must have been too lit to quit last night. But if you woke up with the world’s worst hangover today, and can’t figure out how to get rid of it then don’t worry because Dr. Dan and Thick N Fit Kitchen has got your back!

So back in October when we did our first ever TNFK livestream with Dr. Dan on alcohol, he reminded us how important it is to be well hydrated before and after a night of drinking.

Water is nice but…

So water is a perfectly fine way to hydrate, but if you’re looking to take your hydration efforts to the next level then you might want to try an isotonic solution.

What is an isotonic solution?

Tonicity refers to how thick a liquid is in comparison to blood since the purpose of the liquid is to be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream to help replenish the fluid you lose during intense exercise.

So an isotonic solution is one that has a similar concentration to blood, and thus will be absorbed quickly into your bloodstream to replenish the fluid lost from dehydrating activities like exercise or a heavy night of drinking. Most sports drinks like Gatorade qualify as an isotonic solution.

But if you spent most of your money out at the club last night, or aren’t trying to mess with the crazy amounts of added sugar found in most sports drinks, then you’ll love to hear that Dr. Dan gave us a homemade recipe to try (make sure you show him some love on social media as thanks)! And the best part is that it can be cheaply and easily constructed in your home with very few ingredients.


So it’s ridiculously simple.

⅓ of concentrated fruit juice of your choice

1 cup water

Pinch of salt

That’s it. Mix, drink and hydrate away! Happy 2019, Queens!