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At Yes Queen our vision is simple; to create content, and more broadly, an environment, that reaffirms a woman's sense of agency over her life via the 4 Queen Commandments (clarity, control, confidence, and choices). It is through Daysha’s unapologetic fierceness philosophy that she hopes to create a future generation of women that are no longer unnecessarily sorry for their choices.

We are not an “empowerment” site, as our founder, Daysha Veronica, believes that empowerment implies that there is a transfer of power going on between her and her readers. She just doesn't believe that this is true. For many years, Daysha has found it to be a true blessing to witness the deeply innate power of women in her life, and believes that her work through YQ is all about teaching women how to reconnect with that power in a meaningful way that allows them the ability to lead a purposeful, and self-actualized life of their choosing.

To put it simply -- Daysha is beyond excited to share her journey towards building self-confidence, and achieving self-actualization so as to help other women craft a life that will make everyone around them want to shout "YAASSS QUEEN!".

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Making a choice is a core part of our everyday lives. To Daysha, it is a key action that defines so much of what our lives have the potential to look like. The problem she has seen over the years through talking with female friends and loved ones, however, is that many of their big life choices were not being made with 100% clarity, control or confidence. More often than not, choices that would have a huge impact on these women’s lives were being heavily influenced by external actors like friends, family, significant others, members in society, etc.

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Choices like when to have kids, when to get married, whether or not to take on high student loan debt for a degree, buying a house and so on, are choices that should be made with clarity, control, and confidence on the part of the chooser. But sadly, in actuality, are choices that are being made in doubt, fear, and hoping for the best. They are choices that are being made through regurgitated information that has often never been challenged. They are choices that are being made through outdated social norms, and customs that were designed to hold women back.

So Yes Queen, along with the help of the 4 Queen Commandments, strives to put the "powher" of these choices back into women’s hands, and in the process, help more women live a fiercely unapologetic life.


“Why aren't more women running shit?”


yes queen

“Why aren't more women running shit?” is usually the conclusive thought that I come to after a night of hanging out with close female friends.

I mean I'm also very sure that if you spent even just a few hours basking in the brilliance, the love, and the amazingness of the women that I hang out with, then your brain, too, would also be burning with one thought; why aren't there more women in positions of power? Why aren't there more women staking their claim on the world?

The women that I have been lucky to know throughout my life are so brilliant, and so talented, and so committed, and so driven. Yet, still, so many of them are struggling to live a life that reflects their tenacity, and inner power.

And I got to be honest, and say that this really annoys the fuck out of me -- especially because for a very long time, I was also one of those women. In fact, I was the queen of giving up on myself, and getting too scared when I got too close to actualizing my dreams. And what was worse about this was knowing how badly I would work to see my goals come true, and then suddenly dropping everything, and letting it go once I got too close.

yes queen daysha

Even though I was so ambitious and so driven, I soon realized that these traits meant nothing unless I learned how to believe in myself. I realized that the only way I could honor and fully capitalize off of my ambition, and inner power was to learn how to become more self-confident.

And so it is from this burning desire to see more women such as myself running shit in the world that I developed Yes Queen, and the 4 Queen Commandments (clarity, control, confidence, and choices). The 4 Queen Commandments, in my eyes, are the pillars of living a life on your own terms; of living a life that truly fulfills you. And I can’t think of anything more confident than a woman living a life exactly how she wants to live it.

So I hope that as you go through this site, and read about my struggles and my triumphs as I try to build a greater sense of self-confidence, that you, too, feel inspired and capable to lead a more confident, and unapologetic life. I hope that you walk away with the understanding that confidence is not one-size-fits-all; that we all have the capability to be self-confident, but most importantly, that building self-confidence is a beautiful lifelong journey filled with many ups and downs (lord knows, I try to act brand new about that truth all the time).

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But I believe that if we learn how to cultivate a sense of unapologetic fierceness then this will bring us one step closer to freeing ourselves from all of the self-doubt and second-guesses that keep us from being the self-confident person that we want to be. Unapologetic fierceness is a life philosophy that I created that encourages people to make choices that they are willing to be held accountable for, but that they will also not be unnecessarily sorry about (especially if they are choices that do not cause physical or emotional hurt to others).

But in addition to freeing ourselves of self-doubt, I also think that it is equally important to building confidence that we do not get stuck when we feel lost or unsure of ourselves. I believe that it is essential for us to always face our challenges with the knowledge of knowing that we will strive to keep it moving.

People, and things, and life events will always try to come for your crown. And in some instances, they not only make you feel like you've lost your crown, but they will try to make you believe that it never existed in the first place. My work is aimed at not only helping people find their crown (because it's always been there), but to also remind them that even in the most trying of times, your crown will always be with you.

So hold that head up unapologetically high, babygirl! And blind all ya haters as you move past them because you, my queen, are out here shinin', thrivin' and strivin' to be your most confident and unapologetic self every day!

So I hope you will join me on my quest towards building self-confidence, and embracing true unapologetic fierceness. I definitely think it will be a choice worth making.

In love, peace, and unapologetic fierceness,

daysha veronica


yes queen
yes queen

I pledge allegiance to the crown of the united queens of the world
to always be seeking clarity, taking control, and building confidence, so as to make choices for my life that allow me to live up to the fullest extent of my potential.

I pledge to hold my head unapologetically high so that the visibility of my crown is never questioned, by myself or others.

I pledge to honor the unapologetic code of conduct;  to make choices that do no harm, but to take no unnecessary shit for those choices. 

And even in my most trying of times, I pledge to always keep it moving in the name of love, peace, and unapologetic fierceness.

One crown, indivisible by the haters, with progress and choices for all.