yes queen

Are You Ready For The Unapologetic Age of Women?

Have you always been interested in leading a more self-confident life? Are you passionate about working with women from all backgrounds? Do you have a growing desire to learn more about working in the influencer entrepreneurial space?

If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, I highly recommend that you apply for the Yes Queen internship. Yes Queen is a self-confidence building lifestyle brand and website for women developed by former BuzzFeed personality, Daysha Veronica.

Through Yes Queen, Daysha's goal is to share her journey towards building self-confidence in the realms of love, money, health/wellness, and identity so as to help other women craft a life that will make everyone around them want to shout “YAAASS QUEEN!”

So if you are interested in being a part of her self-confidence revolution for women, please take a peek at the qualifications, and submit your resume and cover letter to!

Work location: remote; all of the work can be done virtually, but there might also be opportunities to do in person work down the line.

Time commitment per week: 15 to 20 hours; on average, it will be closer to 12 to 15, but first starting out it will be somewhere near 15 to 20.

Salary: School credit and/or 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Daysha in a topic of your choice

Character Qualifications:

  • Strong passion for working with, and uplifting women of all backgrounds

  • Culturally sensitive and aware; has experience with handling discussions around race, gender, health, and politics in a respectful and productive manner

  • Takes pride in their work; thoughtful about assignments

  • Solution oriented; aims to find solutions rather than report problems

  • Naturally curious with a strong desire to learn and share ideas

  • Laser focused attention to detail

  • Strong organizational skills; is good at keeping track of dates and deadlines

  • Excellent communicator; is not scared to ask questions, and check in with Daysha

Technical Qualifications

  • Social media savvy (experience with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

  • Excellent proofreader

  • Fast typer

  • Thorough researcher

  • General knowledge of the YouTube uploading process

  • Experience writing copy is a plus

  • Graphic design background is a plus (Adobe spark, Photoshop, Canva)

  • Familiarity with MailChimp, Buffer, Squarespace and Trello are a plus; will be working in these programs extensively though, so there needs to be a strong desire to learn if not familiar

General duties and responsibilities:

  • Taking notes during strategy calls every other week

  • Writing short article summaries for the various programming on Yes Queen

  • Uploading/proofreading weekly email blasts through MailChimp

  • Curating social media graphics to be posted through the Yes Queen social media channels (will also have the opportunity to design graphics, if desired)

  • Uploading video assets to YouTube

  • Moderating comments on YouTube

  • Managing the general inbox

  • Research assignments

  • A weekly check in with Daysha about how tasks are going

  • Potential opportunities to attend special events with Daysha to cover her social media (if LA based)