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Nude used to be a word that was once defined in the dictionary as "having the color of a white person's skin." But now with innovative companies like Nubian Skin creating lingerie, shoes, and hosiery that represent the beautiful diversity in skin tones, we are finally reclaiming the word "nude."

Daysha first discovered Nubian Skin while she was a producer at BuzzFeed, and created this mega-viral hit video, Black Women Try Nude Fashion Part 2, featuring them. She loves how sexy and self-confident she feels in her Nubian Skin products, and wanted to share some of that magic with her fans. They feature a wide selection of bras and panties that go up to a size 40G, and offer plus-size options for hosiery.



Daysha would love nothing more than to give the power of clarity, control, confidence, and healthy choices to her fans, and is currently offering a 10% discount code (QUEEN10) on certain Fitness Genes products and services. Click the button below to check out Daysha's custom store with Fitness Genes!