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Unapologetically me

If there is one thing that Daysha strives to do every day it is to live life on her own terms, and through her own voice. And she wants nothing more but to instill that value into the minds of her readers. But she knows how hard it is to get there. So she created Unapologetically Me as a space where she will share personal essays about her journey towards building self-confidence in the realms of love, personal finance, identity, and more. By seeing how she thinks about things, she hopes to inspire you to be a lil' more unapologetic too! (Unapologetically fierce, of course).


daysha’s queendom

Your queendom is one of the most essential safe spaces that you can create for yourself. This is a space for people to get to know Daysha, and the people and the events in her life that have always given her the strength to keep it moving.


Colors & curves with erika

Being unapologetically fierce and fashionable is not for the faint-hearted. So if you’re ready to learn how to slay, let aspiring plus size model, Erika, show you the way!


Real talk love therapy podcast

Checkout Daysha’s podcast with co-host, Eli Vazquez that focuses on redefining love and relationships for the millennial generation.


unapologetically thick and fit

So Daysha liiiiiivvvvesss for being thick, but hated how people thought that it wasn’t possible to be healthy and thick. So she set out to develop a diet and exercise lifestyle that celebrates being fit, thick, and hella lit! This blog is a space where she will share personal essays, diet/exercise tips, and healthy food knowledge she has learned so as to showcase her messy, but rewarding journey towards self love, body positivity, and body confidence. #ThickGirlNation where y’all at?!


boss queeNS yOU sHOULD kNOW

From entrepreneurs and hustlers to burn survivors and disability influencers, the Yes Queen community is full of motivational and inspirational women who constantly fill us with #unapologeticfierceness as they share their tales of struggle and triumph on their journeys toward building greater self-love, self-care, and and self-worth for themselves. These are the boss queens I am so privileged to know, and that I’m so excited for you to know, too!